How to globally modify SPECTRUM DCM Timeout (or any other attribute) (Legacy KB ID CNC TS29643 )

Document ID : KB000051882
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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1) From the Locator Tab, select Devices->All Devices

2) Select all the device models listed in results window.

3) Right click to bring up the menu on the result set and

select Utilities->Attribute Editor

4) Select SNMP Communication-> DCM Timeout (ms) bring it over to the

attribute to be set.

5) Enter 5000 and check set as default box.

6) Enter Apply button.

If the model type default option is not selected, any new models will not get the new value setting.

Of course, great care should be taken when using this.  Only Administrators should do this.

* As always, whenever possible, it is best to test changes on a test server before implementing in production. *

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Need to modify a value, such as the time SPECTRUM waits for response from network devices, for all devices managed

Problem Environment:
8.1 Core


Causes of this problem:
SPECTRUM is designed for a "standard" network.  No two networks are the same, and SPECTRUM may need to be tuned for optimal management of that specific network.  In this example, we will make SPECTRUM more patient awaiting device response for a network that has a lot of latency across the board.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS29643 )