How to get, via Web Services, activity log entries associated to tickets and filtered on the base of a condition?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The ‘getRelatedListValues’ can be used to extract related lists and so it can be used to get activity log entries associated to tickets; but if there is the need to extract specific activity log entries, on the base of a query clause condition, an alternative has to be used as the ‘getRelatedListValues’ method doesn’t give the possibility to add any condition.


Is there the possibility, using Web Services, to get activity logs entries associated to tickets and filtered by a condition?

CA Service Desk Manager 12.9CA Service Desk Manager 14.1

There is not the possibility to have a query clause in getRelatedListValues (or similar) method.

In alternative, considering that act_log table has a relationship with call_req table based on call_req persid (call_req_id = cr.persistent_id), a doSelect could be used to extract data from activity log (act_log table – alg factory) associated to all or to specific ticket (using the persid/ref_num), having in this way the possibility to add the where clause desired.


- To extract the data from the Activity Log table containing in Description the word 'automatic', the doSelect method can be used with the following parameters:

Object Type: alg

Where Clause: call_req_id = cr.persistent_id AND description like '%automatic%'

Attributes: call_req_id.ref_num description


- To extract all the activity logs of a specific request/incident having ref_num = ‘12345’:

Object Type: alg

Where Clause: call_req_id.ref_num = ‘12345’  

Attributes: call_req_id.ref_num description



Note: the attributes listed, in both the scenarios described, are only an example of what can be extracted.