How to get to the CA Jobtrac r11.0 forecast checkpoint.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In CA Jobtrac r11.0 you will no longer use FCLIST as in CA Jobtrac 3.5. You will use the FSWAP primary command. DBID for product CA Jobtrac is 0161. DBID for forecast is 0162. A forecast token may be (a-z,0-9).


The FSWAP command changes the database and token that is being accessed by the CA Jobtrac ISPF interface to access forecast information or swaps back to the production database/token. When swapped to a forecast database, the event related displays will access the forecast data. Tables and calendars, JCL, SCL related commands continue to access the production database or be unavailable.

This command has the following format: FSWAP (token or PROD), dbid

This command is used on the following panels:

  • CA Jobtrac primary
  • Scheduled Event Display


This example swaps to the forecast database for token 'A'. The database ID used is the default specified in the FCSTDBID keyword of the PPOPTION (JOBTRA00) member.


This example swaps to the forecast database for token 5 for forecast database 0162.
FSWAP 5,162

This example swaps back to the production database and token defined by the JOBTRACx DD DUMMY.