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Last Modified Date : 01/03/2019
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A user is trying to display Rank (digital numbers 1, 2, 3, ....) using new Rally WS API in custom report similar to how they are displayed in UI:

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There are three separate items that can be loosely called "Rank" but technically there is no Rank property on Rally artifacts starting with v2.0 of Web Serivces API .
The screenshot above from the Plan>Backlog page does not display Rank. The numbers 1 and 2 are not Rank values. In this example there are other stories (parent stories and scheduled stories) that automatically removed from the Backlog page. We can think of numbers 1 and 2 as a relative numbering mechanism applied to Backlog items, but they do not correspond to a Rank attribute in WS API. They are specific to the UI, to Backlog page, and cannot be fetched through WS API.

The second example when the word "Rank" is used is the?alpha-numeric DragAndDropRank attribute on Rally artifacts.
It looks like this:
Here is a query in the WS API that return story US14 from the screenshot above:

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And the JSON result that includes the?DragAndDropRank value of this story:

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There is no Rank attribute returned, only DragAndDropRank.

The equivalent of this attribute in previous versions of WS API was indeed called "Rank", and that is the third example when the word "Rank" is used.? We should distinguish this example from the first two already mentioned. In versions prior to v2.0 Rank was a valid attribute on artifacts.

If we access a no longer supported version of WS API, 1.43 as shown below:

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And ran the same query by FormattedID:

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The result will return Rank value:


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Of course 344934891350 is not the same as #1 number assigned to this story on the Backlog page.

It is technically possible to translate an alpha-numeric DragAndDropRank as a Rank even though this translation is not supported.
See this KnowledgeBase article "How to interpret DragAndDropRank" for details.

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