How to get Nimsoft probe log files and configuration files.

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Last Modified Date : 17/10/2018
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This is a brief overview on getting basic logfiles and configuration files (.cfg).



Using Infrastructure Manager (IM)


Increase loglevel and logsize:

  1. Open Infrastructure Manager and Navigate to the robot or hub's probe that you are requested to configure. In this case "wasp".

  2. Ctrl-Right Click the probe and select Raw Configure.User-added image

  3. Edit loglevel to the requested level; usually 3 or 5. The higher the level the more data will be written.

  4. Edit logsize to the requested level; usually 5000. You may need to add the Key and Value

  5. Restart the probe by Right-clicking and left-clicking Restart.

Configuration Files:

  1. Left Click the Probe:
  2. Press Ctrl-N; The configuration should open up in notepad.
  3. Click File > Save As
  4. Save the file to the desktop with a .txt extension.
  5. Attach it to the case!

File System Locations:


It is recommended to log files for probes directly from the file the system.


With the $PATH being the location where you installed Nimsoft. Generally "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes" 

Here is an example for the cdm probe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\system\cdm\cdm.log"

Configuration Files end with the .cfg extension.
Log files end with .log extension.

Hub and Robot Files will be located in the below folders respectively.




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Additional Information:

Probes will rollover old data to keep the log within the set file size. When a file reaches the specified logsize it will truncate the old data. To prevent this, add 10 to the number. For example loglevel 5 would be loglevel 15.

Be sure to change this back or else the logsize will grow without limit. 

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