How to get a list the permits given to an acid for a specific resource class.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there a way to list all the permits given to an acid for a specific Resource Class?
This would be very helpful in finding duplicate permits and cleaning up user's records.


You can enter a single TSS command that will get you most of what you need, the only permissions it will not include are any from the ALL record, so you would have to select them and merge separately.

Here are the commands:

Here is the meaning of the fields included on this command:
XAUTH - List resource permission related data from the ACID records
RESOURCE - List resource ownership related data from the ACID records
PROFILE - Include the matching XAUTH and RESOURCE data from attached profiles
TERSE - Do not include ADMINBY data in the listing (less data to read through)
RESCLASS - Limit the XAUTH and RESOURCE data to a specific resource class

The resulting list will be similar to what you would see from the RESLIST request, and will include the specific profiles that contain the permissions where RESLIST would not include that information.