How to get a list of users and their ACB-Mask

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document contains an example for a TPXBATCH Job which creates a list of users and their ACBMASK-Entry.

This Batchjob creates the desired list://<jobcard>//STEP1    EXEC  <name_of_tpx>,VNODE='*BATCH*'                             //EXTFILE  DD    DSN='aaa.bbb.ccc',DISP=SHR                      //RPTFILE  DD    SYSOUT=*//SYSIN    DD    *EXTRACT GIVING(EXTFILE) USER AND ALL SESSIONS (UIDXNAME(--------))    SET RTITLE1 ' USER     - USERSESS - ACB MASK '   SET RTITLE2 ' ==============================='   REPORT GIVING(RPTFILE) USING(EXTFILE)       ((' &UIDXNAME' '-' ' &UENTUSER' '-' ' &UENTACB '))        
Take care of two points:
1. Specify 'aaa.bbb.ccc' as a dataset defined with FB and LRECL=2000 to be able to save the extraced record of ADMIN2.
2. Possibly specify a file with FB and LRECL=80 for the RPTFILE where the result is stored instead of specifying SYSOUT=*
With SYSOUT=* the result is added into the Joblog of TPX.Result of executing this TPXBATCH-Job is the following list wherethe third column contains the name of the ACB Mask if one isspecified for the user.USER - USERSESS - ACB MASK ===============================BIR01 - - - CICS1 - CICSMASK - CICS2 - CICSMASK FRA01 - - - CICS1 - CICSMASK - NMTIP12 - - STAR - - TPXADMIN - - TPXDEMO - - TPXMAIL - - TPXNOTES - - TSO - TSO1STE01 - - - CICS1 - CICSMASK - NMTIP12 - - STAR -
Additional Information:

When using (UIDXNAME(--------)) in the EXTRACT-Statement you get a list of all users. You can filter the users by specifying a more detailed mask for the userid's. For example when you specify (UIDXNAME(PHI-----)) only those users with an userid beginning with the string PHI are used for creating the list.