How to get a Jaspersoft account with Import rights?

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Last Modified Date : 20/04/2018
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A superuser account or an account with "import" priviledges is needed for the jasperadmin account.

This is needed to accomplish the aim, in this case, of importing all custom reports from production to our test environment.
CA PPM On-Demand and On-Premise
The control to implement this security is available directly to the local CA PPM site administrator, for both On-Premise and On-Demand sites.

Although CA Support maintains security for some aspects of SaaS operations - such as copying a database - the Jaspersoft security falls under the existing CA PPM security that a client site controls.
Here is documentation for both CA PPM 14.4 and CA PPM 15.4 SaaS.

The Access Right you need to grant is "Advanced Reporting - Administrator."

CA PPM SaaS - 14.4 - Export, Import, or Migrate Advanced Reporting Content
- - -
Access Rights: This functionality is available only to users with the Advanced Reporting – Administer access right. Migration does not require access to the system where the server is installed."

The CA PPM SaaS 15.4 documentation is the same, but here:

The  method that you use to give that Access Right, is similar to this step-by-step scenario:

Create an Advanced Reporting Developer User

Do you already synchronise CA PPM users over to Jaspersoft?
In this case, run the "Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles job" if you are changing the security.
ALERT: If you have not familiar with this, please review this first on a test server, as the CA PPM users will OVERWRITE Jaspersoft user details if you are a site who maintains users within Jaspersoft rather than within CA PPM .

If you already have an Administrator Role in Jaspersoft set up (which most sites will), then you should already be set to go with that account for the Import/Export as per the above documentation - no further action needed. However, if you don't, then please assign security as above.