How to generate an APM report to list the Build and Release Information for all agents connected to the EM.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can Introscope reports contain metrics that are string values and not persisted in SmartStor?


Often customers want a report summarizing the build information for all APM agents connected in their environment. This report is used in the Release\Upgrade planning process.

Note that many of the Introscope Agent String value metrics (e.g. "Agent Stats:Build and Release" can only be displayed in live mode, since they are not persisted in SmartStor.

Use the following steps to capture Agent build and release information in a report and to optionally run these report templates remotely via CLW(Command Line Workstation):

Step 1- Create a metric grouping which matches on "Agent\ Stats:Build\ and\ Release" for required agents

Step 2- Create a new Report Template ( e.g. called "Test"). Open it in Template Editor and add "Metric Data Table" as a report element.

Step 3- In the same screen on the right-hand side in Data Properties tab, chose the above Metric Grouping created.

Step 4- (Most Important) In Display Properties tab scroll to the "Table Columns:" property and choose "Text Value."

Step 5- Save the Report template. Then enable and verify that the Build and Release information is present for the specific agents.


Step 6- Run the command using CLW to generate the report and save it locally . An example of this is creating a report named "Test" in a management module named "<Name of MM containing Report Template>"and saving to <filename>.pdf