How to force the UAM Agent to run a collect job?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In some cases, a full refresh of the inventory data collected by the UAM agent can be necessary as it normally works in incremental (delta) mode.

This means, that even though the inventory module collects all the information every time it runs, this data is compared with the data from the previous execution before transferring it to the Scalability Server.

An failure during this process may cause an inconsistency that will be propagated if no full data refresh is transferred to the Scalability Server.



How do you force a Full Asset Management Scan on an agent ? 



CA Client Automation - All Versions



There are 2 Basic Ways to force a Full Scan on an agent:

From the DM:

1. Right Click on an Agent in the GUI ->Select Asset Jobs.... -> Activate Job Check ->

Check all Boxes and hit OK

  •       Rescan Hardware Inventory
  •       Rescan Software Inventory
  •       Re-collect


2. Create an SD job that runs the following command:

             caf start amagent args /RESCAN_INVENTORY /RESCAN_SOFTWARE /COLLECT


Directly on the Agent:

In order to force the AMAgent to perform a full inventory collection run the following command from within a DOS command prompt window:

            caf start amagent args /RESCAN_INVENTORY /RESCAN_SOFTWARE /COLLECT