How to find the PSB/PCB and DBD in use

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Sometimes, for instance if CA File Master is not showing the PCB selection list you expect, it could be necessary to know which PSB or DBD is being used by CA File Master.

This document describes how to find the correct PSB. The process to find the DBD would be almost the same.



In the CA File Master for IMS Browse or Edit panel, notice the "IMS Environment" name (DLITST1 in this sample) and the PSB name you are using:


-------------- CA File Master Plus for IMS -- Edit * IMS User Abend 0688 *

COMMAND ===>                                                                 


 IMS Database to Browse:                                                       

   IMS Environment  ===> DLITST1    

   PSB or ACB Name  ===> TESTPSB      (if static PSB being used)      

   DBD Name         ===> TESTDBD       (optional if PSB Name specified)                                             



and go to the 0.5 SETUP panel, select IMSABMP and check the "BMP Region":


---------- CA File Master Plus for IMS -- DLI Environment Parameters ----------

Command ===> __________________________________________________________________


IMS Environment ===> DLITST1                                       Page 1 of 2

Description     ===> FMIMS DLI test environment                                 


RESLIB #1       ===> 'IMS.SDFSRESL'                                      

       #2       ===>                                                           

       #3       ===>                                                More? ==> N

PSBLIB #1       ===> 'FMIMS91.TEST.PSBLIB1'                                

       #2       ===> 'FMIMS91.TEST.PSBLIB2'                                                         

       #3       ===>                                                More? ==> N

DBDLIB #1       ===> 'FMIMS91.TEST.DBDLIB1'                               

       #2       ===> 'FMIMS91.TEST.DBDLIB2'                                                         

       #3       ===>                                                More? ==> N



Now check whether the TESTPSB member is in 'FMIMS91.TEST.PSBLIB1' or 'FMIMS91.TEST.PSBLIB2' please.



Additional Information:

In order to make the TESTPSB readable, you can generate a source member using the CA File Master Utilities panel: 3.5.

It would create a job step like this:




//             DISP=SHR                              

//SYSLIST   DD SYSOUT=*                              

//SYSPRINT  DD SYSOUT=*                               


//             DISP=SHR                              

//OUTFILE   DD DSN=FMIMS91.TEST.PSBLIB1.SOURCE,                    

//             DISP=SHR                              

//SYSIN     DD *                                      





After running this job step you can check the definitions in the OUTFILE data set.