How to find the number of web engine licenses count in Service Desk R12?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document explains the steps required to find the number of web engine licenses in Service Desk R12


Service Desk R12 has a new feature called KPI(Key Performance Indicator) which are metrics that can be used to identify the areas of Service Desk which require administrative attention or configuration tuning. Service Desk R12 provides few KPI's out of box. One of the system KPI's is webLicenseCt which provides the number of web engine licenses count. This KPI can be used to find the number of web engine licenses for a specific period.

To access the webLicenseCt

  1. Login to Service Desk web interface as Administrator.

  2. Go to Administration->Service Desk->KPIs and webLicenseCt system KPI is available. Fig 1

    Fig 1
    Figure 1

    Note: By default only the webLicenseCt is active. All other KPI's are inactive.

    The data fetched by the KPI can be viewed from the KPI reports provided by CA Business Intelligence.

To run the web engine license count report:

  1. Click on the Reports tab ->Infoview button to login to Infoview Fig 2

    Fig 2
    Figure 2

  2. In Infoview, go to Public Folders->CA Reports->CA Service Desk->Key Performance Indicator. Fig 3

    Fig 3
    Figure 3

  3. Click on the report Service Desk Application-Level Transaction Rates of Change to run an On Demand report. Fig 4

    Fig 4
    Figure 4

  4. The report requires three parameters

    • Earliest Measurement Date

    • Latest Measurement Date

    • System KPI

    Select an earliest measurement date and latest measurement date. In the System KPI select "Number of webengine licenses" and move it to the Select System KPI section. Fig 5

    Fig 5
    Figure 5

  5. Click on Run Query

  6. A report with a graph is displayed. To see the data fetched by the report click on the Data tab at the end of the report. Fig 6

    Fig 6
    Figure 6