How to find the correct CAM fragment size in your environment and re-configure CAM to use that value?

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Last Modified Date : 19/04/2018
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Sometimes due to limited network bandwidth available, CAM fragment size has to be configured with smaller packet size so that CAM packets are not dropped. The following procedure outlines the same.


Finding the Correct Fragment Size

  • Open the command prompt and execute the following command:
    • camping -s <packet Size> <target machine>
      Example: camping -s 64 TEST
  • Continue to increase the 'packet size' value to check upto what value camping works.

NOTE: The Packet Size value should be multiple of the previous value. i.e., 64, 128, 256... etc


Configuring CAM to use the correct Fragment Size

1. Open "%CAI_MSQ%\cam.cfg" using notepad.

2. If cam.cfg does not exist run the command 'camsave persist' which creates a cam.cfg file using what is currently in CAM memory.

3. Add the following entry under the *CONFIG section.
   fragment_size = <Packet Size Value from camping test>

   Ex: fragment_size = 1024

4. Save the file.

5. Recycle the CAM services using the command:
   camclose && cam start -c -l

Note: The default CAM packet size is 8397 bytes.

Additional Information:

The above procedure outlines what needs to be done in one direction only. Most of the times, network traffic is hampered both ways so the instructions need to be done on both sides of the connection.