How to find out which version of ENTM is installed and which Cumulative Fix is applied?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can we find out which version of the Enterprise Management Server (ENTM) is installed and which Cumulative Fix (CF) is applied?



  • On the ENTM Server in the <jboss-home>\server\default\log\server.log search for this section

    (this example is taken from a box running ENTM r12.8 CF3)


INFO  [] *******************************************************

INFO  [] *       Access Control r12.80.0.2019 Reporting Server

INFO  [] *

INFO  [] * Manifest:

INFO  [] *   Implementation-Vendor=CA

INFO  [] *   Ant-Version=Apache Ant 1.8.0

INFO  [] *   Implementation-Title=CA ControlMinder Enterprise Management

INFO  [] *   Implementation-Version=

INFO  [] *   Manifest-Version=1.0

INFO  [] *   Created-By=1.6.0_33-b03 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)

INFO  [] *   Built-Date=2015-04-21 05:21:57

INFO  [] *******************************************************


(If this section is not be available because the log output has rolled over, it is suggested that you stop jboss, clear the logs folder and restart jboss afresh)

  • Identify the values of the parameters Implementation-Version and Built-Date.
  • See below table for converting these values to the relevant ENTM version installed.


ENTM Version / CF / SP NumberImplementation-VersionBuilt-Date
12.7 GA12.70.0.06112013-03-14 12:15:05
12.8 GA12.80.0.14342013-11-16 05:31:27
12.8 CF312.80.0.20192015-04-21 05:21:57
12.9 GA12.90.0.09502015-04-21 01:32:01
12.9 SP112.9.1.03022015-10-27 09:35:28

Should it become necessary please consult CA Support for details of older or newer versions. respectively


Additional Information: 

Please see the CA Privileged Identity Manager Solutions & Patches for a list of currently available Cumulative Fixes