How to find eHealth elements that are not being polled

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I find eHealth elements which are not being polled?



The nhListElements command displays a simple list of element names using selected criteria. The user can use arguments to filter the list and create specific lists of elements.

For example, the "noDbDataFor <hours>" argument lists only those elements for which the eHealth statistics poller has not collected data and added it to the database for the amount of time specified.

Using the following command allows you to produce a list of elements that eHealth is not currently polling, or elements that it is currently polling, but that have polling issues:

nhListElements -noDbDataFor <number of hours>



Additional Information:

The nhDeleteElements command deletes elements from the database and the poller configuration.

In order to delete elements that are no longer collecting any statistical data in the Database, you can pipe the nhListElements -noDbDataFor <hours> output to the nhDeleteElements command as follows:

nhListElements -noDbDataFor <number of hours>- nhDeleteElements

For example, to delete all elements that had not been polled for a week, the command would be:

nhListElements -noDbDataFor 168 - nhDeleteElements

User cannot use the =noDbDataFor argument in combination with any other nhListElements argument such as the -where "whereClause".
See appendix A of your eHealth user guide for more information on these commands.