How to find checkout paths for a project

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Do you have a guide on how to extract release (check out) paths of all the projects from Workbench/Administrator in a report format?

CA Harvest SCM all versions and platforms

The hco and hrefresh log files, if kept, can provide the best source of this information.

  • By default, each hco command execution will write to a log file named "hco.log".  This log will only contain the information from the most recent execution of the command.  You can override this by using the "-o" or "-oa" options on the hco command line.  "-o" will create the hco log with the file name and path you specify, and "-oa" will append to the hco log file if it already exists, rather than replacing it every time.  This log file contains a row for each file checked out that includes the host name and client path to which the file was checked out
  • The Hrefresh logs are written to the SCM Server’s log folder, and have names that are unique for each execution of the command.  The hrefresh log file name’s format is:

    yyyymmddhhmmssHRefresh_<project name>_<state name>_<agent hostname>-<process id>.log

    This log file also contains a row for each file checked out that includes the host name and client path to which the file was checked out.

The other places you might look are:

  • If you have set your SCM Server logging level to 5, the hserver logs would have all the information on each command processed.  In the case of a check out command, this would include the host name and client path to which each file was checked out.  However, it would provide similar detail on all other types of transactions that the SCM Server executes, so this would be a huge haystack to search through, and would only have the information for the period of time when logging was turned on.
  • The HARVERSIONS table in the SCM database contains the fields "CLIENTMACHINE" and "CLIENTPATH" that record the hostname and folder that a file was checked in from or checked out to, but when checking out, only records a value when checking out for "Update" or "Concurrent Update”.
Additional Information:

More information about the hco command can be found in the Command Line Reference Guide.

More information about the hrefresh command can be found by reading the chapter on "Synchronizing Reference Directories" in the SCM Administrator Guide, chapter 11.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Harvest SCM if you have further questions.