How to filter the alarm/model attributes using OMNIBUS probe in Spectrum/Netcool Integration

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In Spectrum/Netcool integration, alarms and models are passed to Netcool from Spectrum using OMNIBUS probe. This solution talks about how to filter the alarm/model attributes in the probe configuration file before passing them to Netcool console.This Probe for CA Spectrum (CORBA) collects alarm information from the SpectroSERVER and sends it to Netcool console.


The alarm filtering is done in the probe properties file named spectrum_corba_v9.props. This is located on the probe machine under $OMNIHOME/probes/arch directory.You can configure the Probe for CA Spectrum (CORBA) to monitor one or more SpectroSERVERS. Configuring one or more SpectroSERVERS requires you to supply values to properties that reside in the following files:

spectrum_corba_v9.props – Contains properties that all configured SpectroSERVERs use. You can supply values in the properties file itself or you can use the command line to specify values for these properties.

spectrum_corba_v9_host.xml – Contains properties specific to each configured SpectroSERVER. Because the spectrum_corba_v9_host.xml file is XML format, its associated properties are referred to as SpectroSERVER XML properties or XML properties in subsequent sections. The XML properties that reside in this file are NOT accessible through the command line.The Probe for CA Spectrum (CORBA) requires specific configuration information for each SpectroSERVER that it monitors. You provide this configuration information for each SpectroSERVER in the spectrum_corba_v9_host.xml file.

Following steps illustrates how the probe properties file can be edited to filter alarms/model attributes for different Spectroservers before passing them to Netcool console

1. Logon to Probe installed machine . Using a text editor, open the spectrum_corba_v9_host.xml file for editing. For


vi spectrum_corba_v9_host.xml


2. Locate the <SpectroServer entry and supply values for its three attributes:

Name, Domain, and IP.


3. (Optional) Supply values to the following SpectroSERVER XML properties as required by your environment.











4. To specify another SpectroSERVER entry, copy from <SpectroServer ... to </SpectroServer> and then paste on the line following the end of the first entry. Supply values to all of the previously listed attributes and XM properties.


5. When you are satisfied with your edits, write and quit the file.


6. Set the HostFile property to the full directory path to the spectrum_corba_v9_host.xml file. You can set the HostFile property to this directory by editing the spectrum_corba_v9.props file or by specifying its associated command on the command line.

The following example shows the spectrum_corba_v9_host.xml file with values supplied for a SpectroSERVER (with the HostFile property configured to point to it):


<SpectroServer Name="server1" Domain="domain1" IP="" />

<ModelAttributes Value="0x10009,0x11564,0x23000e" /> Filterrs model attributes

<AlarmAttributes Value="0x11f9b,0x002305b8" /> ---> Filters alarm attributes

<TimeStampFile Value="/home/user/netcool/omnibus-v7.2.1-solaris2/omnibus/probes/solaris2/server1.timestamp" />

<FetchEventFormatFields Value="true" />

<FetchEventString Value="true" />

<EventFormatFile Value="/usr/SPECTRUM/SG-Support/CsEvFormat" />

<EventFormatFile Value="/usr/SPECTRUM/custom/CsEvFormat" />

<ProbCauseLookupFile Value="/home/user/netcool/omnibus-v7.2.1-solaris2/

omnibus/probes/solaris2/server1.lookup" />

<ResyncInterval Value="86400" />

<ResyncSQLCmd Value="UPDATE alerts.status SET Severity = 0 WHERE LastOccurrence &lt;= %ResyncTime AND

Node = %SpectroServerName AND

AlertKey NOT IN (%AlarmID_List)" />


This way we can edit the probe configuration file to filter the alarm and model attributes for Spectrum alarms/models before pushing them to Netcool console

Note: Spectrum/Netcool integration is NOT provided by CA. This feature is provided by IBM using OMNIBUS probe and are responsible for any issues regarding Spectrum/Netcool integration. This solution just talks about how we can edit the IBM Omnibus probe properties file which is responsible for pushing Spectrum alarms to Netcool console.