How to export Discovery Profile history results.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Discusses alternative means of exporting and reviewing, or editing, the results from the History of a Discovery Profile.


Normally the only way to view Discovery Profile History results is via the CA Performance Manager web interface. This is not always useful when trying to discuss these results with team members or in other meetings without the interface available for display.

There are times when the results data will be used for other tasks, including the need to export those results and modify them in other formats like text files or Excel Spreadsheets.

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1. To obtain the discovery instance for a Discover Profile type in the following in a new browser tab:


This will list all profiles. To ease the search, if the name of the sought after profile is known, use it to find the profile at issue in the list. In this sample output we see the name in bold that we'd use to search for the name with the XML Name tags shown.

In step 2 we'll also be using the ID presented in the profiles MostRecentInstance value. That is also called out in bold text below in the sample output.


<Name>Discover 123</Name>

<CreateTime>Wed May 25 16:48:13 2016 -0400</CreateTime>



<DiscoveryProfile version="1.0.0">





2. Using the ID for the MostRecentInstance value from step 1 above add it to this URL in a new browser:


For example, using the sample ID 21514 from above it would be:


Sample output for the MostRecentInstance info will show something like this:



<IPSweepStartTime>Fri Nov 6 2:13:14 2015 -0500</IPSweepStartTime>