How to execute GRLoader from a remote system that does not have CA CMDB installed?

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Last Modified Date : 26/03/2018
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When running GRLoader, sometimes the need to run from a remote location may arise.  The following instructions describe how to accomplish this task.


  1. Ensure that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6.0 or higher is installed and available.
  2. Copy the contents of the %NX_ROOT%\java\lib directory from the CA CMDB system to a directory on the remote system that you want to run it on. This directory will be called the %ROOT% system.
  3. Create directory %ROOT%\java\lib
  4. Move all of the jar files under %ROOT% to %ROOT%\java\lib
  5. Create a file called NX.ENV in the %ROOT% directory:
    @NX_LOG=path_which_will_contain log files
  6. Create directory %ROOT%\site\cfg
  7. Create directory %ROOT%\log
To run GRLoader from the remote system, execute the following command:
java -cp %ROOT%/java/lib -jar %ROOT%/java/lib/GRLoader.jar -N %ROOT% -u [userid] -s [server] -i [other GRLoader options]

%ROOT% is the fully qualified path containing the files that were copied in Step 2.

Example command (%ROOT% = C:/grloadtest)
java -Xmx512M -cp C:/grloadtest/java/lib -jar C:/grloadtest/java/lib/GRLoader.jar -N C:/grloadtest -u user1 -p Password1 -s http://SERVER:8080 -E -i C:\grloadtest\load\input1.csv -sss input1sheet -aer yes -a