How to execute CA-IDMS/DC commands at the operator console.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I execute DCMT, DCUF and other online commands at the operator console?


There are two distinct methods available for executing CA-IDMS/DC commands at the operator console.

You can execute console specific commands directly to the console, or you can execute any command that you can normally execute at the ENTER NEXT TASK CODE: prompt using the 99 prefix.


The console specific commands are very similar in syntax and behaviour to DCMT commands, but they are not identical.

CA-IDMS, any supported release.

Console specific commands

Note, in the examples that follow, “nn” represents the current outstanding z/OS job reply number for the CA-IDMS/DC address space.

To issue the SHUTDOWN command, do this:-

/nn shutdown

CA-IDMS will respond with a confirmation prompt. Reply with the following (and note that the reply number will have changed):-

/nn y

Any online CA-IDMS/DC command using the 99 prefix

You can also issue the shutdown command via the DCMT task code at the console with this:-

/nn 99dcmt shutdown

The system will request confirmation, so you should reply with this (again note that the reply number will have changed):-


/nn 99y

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