How to exclude specific mount points from monitoring when using SystemEDGE AutoWatchers

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Last Modified Date : 04/06/2018
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Is possible to exclude specific mount points on servers from monitoring when using AutoWatchers?
  • The client wants to exclude /var/cache/audit mount point.
  • They don't want any alarms to be generated for this directory.
  • Yes, you can use negative regex patterns to exclude certain file systems from the AutoWatcher.
  • The following example configured within VAIM will monitor all files systems on the host, but will ignore /var/cache/audit
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Here is an example of the autowatcher in the if you are not using VAIM to configure SystemEDGE:

autowatch -index=11 -name='All FileSystems - Warning' -watchtype=generic -table=devTableEntry -attribute=devCapacity -criteria=.* -op=ge -value=95 -severity=warning -interval=300 -desc='FileSystem Usage (percentage)' -monflags=0x0 -matchtype=positive -criteria2=devMntPt -criteria2regex=/var/cache/audit -matchtype2=negative -stype=absolute -scale=1 -objclass=FileSystem -objattr=PercentUsed -watchflags=0x0 -scaninterval=300 -limit=100 -loss=fatal

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