How to Enter and Delete SLO entries in SLA

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Last Modified Date : 18/05/2018
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Request for step by step instructions for deleting new_connect devices no longer monitored by the net_connect probe and adding new devices that are being monitored by this probe from an existing SLA defined in the UMP SLM portlet.
We are using net_connect probe for ping monitoring of the servers. As per our requirement, we are frequently adding and removing profiles from the probe.

Please provide steps to manually add and delete SLO entries from the corresponding SLA.
UIM / UMP 8.51
Assuming that you have an SLA defined for the QOS_NET_CONNECT QoS metric collected by the net_connect probe, then the following steps can be used to add and/or delete devices being monitored by the net_connect probe for the SLA you have defined for this metric.

1. From the SLM portlet in your UMP portal, locate the Service Level Agreenement (SLA) you have defined for the net_connect probe under the Service Level Agreement node in the left-hand pane, right-click the SLA and select View. This will open the SLA in the right-hand pane.
2. In the right-hand pane on the Objectives (SLO) tab, select the Service Level Opjective (SLO) you created for defining the SLOs used to measure your SLA, then select the Edit button. This will open the Service Level Objective page where all of the individual Quality of Service SLOs have been defined.
3. To delete an existing device that makes up this SLO. find the entry on the Quality of Service tab which corresponds to a device that is no longer monitored by the net_connect probe, select it, then select the Delete button.
4. To add a new device to the list of devices that make up this SLO, select the New button. This will open the Quality of Service Contrsints pop-up window.
- For the Object, select the QoS from the drop down list to be added (QOS_NET_CONNECT for the ping response metric for example)
- For the Source and Target, select the items from the corresponding drop down lists that correspond to the device you want to add
- Define your SLO constraints and operating period (if you want to be consistent, check to see what you have defined for other profiles first).
- Select OK to add the new device to the list of devices that make up the SLO.
5. Once you have made all the required changes, select the Save icon (upper right-hand corner) of the Service Level Objective page. Then hit the red X to close the page.

At this point your SLOs should now reflect the set of devices that you need to include in the calculation of the corresponding SLA.
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