How to enter a URL with an embedded dynamic date in a Browser View.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Unable to entering a date in a URL set in a Browser View

Browser View with URL containing a date reference fails to render correctly



How to enter a URL containing a date in a Browser View

How can we enter a URL that has a dynamically updated date automatically inserted using the current date, resulting in a functional URL that returns the correct information for the current date?



When configuring a Browser View with a URL, the URL in use contains a dynamic date value. When the URL is issued the data is translated by the browser and the correct reporting data is returned for the current date.

Unfortunately the Browser View only works when entering a URL with a specific date hard coded. For example entering a URL with a date of 10/19/16 returns data for that day. Though bringing up the same URL in a Browser View the following day on 10/20/16 results in failure as it is no longer 10/19/16.

For example a URL hard coded with the date 10/6/16 (&event_date=10%2F06%2F2016&) works only on that date. Run that View as configured the next day on 10/7/16 and it will fail.



All the URL Parameter options related to date or time are provided in UTC. Due to that the full raw UTC number is returned rather than a 'human readable' date/time value.

The parameter values available for use when configuring a Browser View are driven by the time frame configured in the primary Dashboard the View resides in when displayed. For example if the Dashboard is set to display 'Last Hour', when editing the Browser View the parameter values are driven by that time frame selection.

The time based parameters use UTC as a starting point. They are defined as:

  • TimeEndUTC is the raw number of seconds since Jan 1 1970
  • TimeEndUTCExpanded is the TimeEndUTC converted to MM/DD/YYYY_HHMM 

At the moment there is no way to use a dynamic time stamp in this form in a URL for a Browser View.

One option to achieve this goal would be submission of an Idea post via the CA Performance Manager public Community forum site to request either/or: 

  1. Addition of a Date parameter that inserts the current date only, not a time stamp as well. 
  2. Addition of a custom parameter option that supports a date entry among other possible values