How to ensure that the ADS ABORT message also is written to the CA-IDMS DC log and/or Operator console ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If an ADS dialog (optionally within an ADSA application) runs into an unexpected problem, it can terminate the execution by means of an ABORT (utility) command.

This ABORT command has two major options :


    With this option, the message text is displayed on the user's terminal (only) as part of the Dialog Abort Information screen.


    With this option, the message can additionally be written to other locations as needed.


This will allow the DBA/Applications developer to make sure that such ABORT messages are more visible.

IBM z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM

This is an example of how to use the ABORT MESSAGE CODE command.

ADS dialog coding :

  MOVE '0353' TO ERROR-CODE-LNK051.                           
   TO AGR-MESSAGE.                                           

Message definition in the dictionary :

    MESSAGE NAME IS DC999001                             
        MESSAGE SEVERITY IS 0                            
        TEXT LINE IS 1                                   
            SEVERITY IS 0                                
            DESTINATION IS LOG                           
            DESTINATION IS OPERATOR                      
            MESSAGE IS                                   
                'T&$0 TASK:&$4 PROG:&$5. &01'            

The message does not necessarily need to be defined in the dictionary, but if it is, it will allow you to add additional parameters, as shown above :

  1. &S0  : the task id of the involved task
  2. &S4  : the current task code (from the TCE)
  3. &S5  : the name of the current program (from the TCECPRGM field of the TCE)

The &01 (user defined) parameter must be added in order to insert the PARMS field into the message.


The result is as follows :

  • on the user's terminal :

                 CA ADS RELEASE 19.0            *** DIALOG ABORT INFORMATION ***    ABRT
          DC999001 T594 TASK:ADS PROG:ADSOMAIN. ABORT ABD051 : CODE = 0353               
          DATE....: 17.144      TIME....: 07:38:45.88        TERMINAL....: LTVTM001     
          ERROR OCCURRED IN DIALOG......: DBELABRT                                      
                         AT OFFSET......: 464                                            
                         IN PROCESS.....: DBELABRT-PMP                     VERSION:    1
                         AT IDD SEQ NO. : 00000500                                       
          NUMBER:         SOURCE :                                                      
          00000400     TO AGR-MESSAGE.                                                   
          00000500   ABORT MESSAGE CODE = 999001 PARMS = (AGR-MESSAGE).                  
          HIT ENTER TO RETURN TO DC OR ENTER NEXT TASK CODE:                             

  • in the CA-IDMS DC log :

        05:23 IDMS DC999001 V67 T470 TASK:ADS PROG:ADSOMAIN. ABORT ABD051 : CODE = 0353

  •  on the Operator console :

     05.23.17 JOB44870 IDMS DC999001 V67 T470 TASK:ADS PROG:ADSOMAIN. ABORT ABD051 : CODE = 0353


It is also possible to use a non-existant message, for example DC999002. In that case, the results are slightly different

  • on the user's terminal :

        the same Dialog Abort Information screen is displayed, but this time with the DC999002 message in it :

        DC999002 T492 ABORT ABD051 : CODE = 0353

  • in the CA-IDMS DC log :

    05:26 IDMS DC999002 V67 T492 ABORT ABD051 : CODE = 0353

  • on the Operator console :

    05.26.16 JOB44870 IDMS DC999002 V67 T492 ABORT ABD051 : CODE = 0353



Additional Information:

For more information about the ADS ABORT command, use the following link :