How to Encrypt the Workflow Password in Identity Manager

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This article describes the manual steps that need to be performed in order to encrypt the Workpoint password in the configuration files.


For all application servers:

  1. Use the password tool provided with IM tools to encrypt the password.

    1. From a command-line go to <im_admin_tools_dir> \ PasswordTool folder.
    2. Run: pwdtools <password>, for example,pwdtools password
    3. The result will be, for example: WQf3wza4JfbqICD/4D8xog==

  2. Open the ra.xml file in \im_iam.ear\workflow_rar\META-INF change the value of the Password property to the encrypted password.
    Add a new property name ?ImEncrypted?and set it to true, as in the following example:
          <config-property>         <config-property-name>Password</config-property-name>         <config-property-type>java.lang.String</config-property-type>         <config-property-value>WQf3wza4JfbqICD/4D8xog==</config-property-value>      </config-property>      <config-property>         <config-property-name>ImEncrypted</config-property-name>         <config-property-type>java.lang.String</config-property-type>         <config-property-value>true</config-property-value>      </config-property>
    For WebLogic Only:
  3. Open the file in 3 locations:
    <wl_install> \user-projects\domain\ <your_domain> \applications\im_iam.ear\ APP-INF\classes <wl_install> \user-projects\domain\ <your_domain> \applications\im_iam.ear\ workflow_rar <im_admin_tools_dir> \Workpoint \conf  
    Change the value of to the encrypted password:

    Add a value to the WebLogic section:

  4. Open the file <im_admin_tools_dir>\Workpoint \bin\init.bat
    add the following JARs to WebLogic section:
    SET EJB_CLASSPATH=..\lib\wlclient.jar; ..\..\lib\application.jar;..\..\lib\jsafe.jar;..\..\lib\idmutils.jar