How to enable Neighbor Aware Software Distribution

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Lists steps to configure policy at the Scalability and Agent levels of policy in CA Client Automation



Configure the Scalability Server Policy

1) Open the DSM Explorer and browse to Domain/Control Panel/Configuration/Configuration Policy/Default Computer Policy and right click on this and select unseal policy.


2) Expand the policy until you get to Domain/Control Panel/Configuration/Configuration Policy/Default Computer Policy/DSM/Software Delivery/Scalability Server/Neighbor Aware Software Distribution


3)In the right hand pane double click on Neighbor Aware Software Distribution: Enable agent collaboration for software deployment


4) change the value to True 


Other options explained:

Name: Neighbor Aware Software Distribution:

Max number of collaborating agents in a subnet that can download a package directly from the Scalability Server.

Value default value 5

Name: Package Download Policy

Determines how the agent would download package from other Collaborating Agents.


Value set to 0

Collaborating Agents and Neighbor Aware Agents cannot connect to other subnet to download the software package. They must download from the Collaborating Agents in the same subnet. If Scalability Server is in the same subnet, then they can download from Scalability Server also.


Value set to 1

Collaborating Agents and Neighbor Aware Agents can connect to the Collaborating Agents in the same subnet as well as other subnets on which the package is available, including the Scalability Server to download the software package. The agents would choose the nearest subnet, if they cannot get the package from collaborating agents within the same subnet.

Default: 1

The Scalability Server is now configured for NASD.


Agent Configuration:

1) Expand the following in Default Computer Policy

Domain/Control Panel/Configuration/Configuration Policy/Default Computer Policy/DSM/Software Delivery/Agent/Neighbor Aware Software Distribution


2)Double click Enable Agent Collaboration and set the Value to True and click OK.


Values explained 

Value set to True

Configures the agent as Collaborating Agent which can connect to the Scalability Server to download and store the software package making it available for the Neighbor Aware Agents.

Value Set to False

Agent either acts as a Neighbor Aware Agent or Normal Agent depending on the Agent collaboration feature configured at Scalability Server.

Default: False


Maximum Number of Concurrent File Transfers

Specifies the maximum number of concurrent file transfers the Collaborating Agent can support.

The configured number of simultaneous Collaborating and Neighbor Aware Agents can connect to the Collaborating Agents to download software package.

Default: 3

Package Cleanup Policy

Defines the package clean-up policy on Collaborating Agents.

Value set to: After Configured time

The package is deleted after configured Package Clean-up Time days.

Value set to : On startup

The cached packages are cleaned on the next start of SD agent. Running "caf register all " command also starts the SD agent.

Default: After Configured time

Package Max Age

Specifies the number of days the downloaded packages can be kept on the Collaborating Agent for Neighbor Aware Agents to download. The packages are retained and deleted after the configured time period.

Default: 7

The agent policy is now configured for NASD.


The final step is to reseal the Default Computer Policy by right clicking on the  Default Computer Policy and select reseal