How to enable messages SHR310I and SHR311I

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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My Compress for IMS 5.2.5 has different messages in my 2 environments.


I can see several SHR310I and SHR311I messages in my production sysout, that does not show in the test region. Looking at the docs, that was supposed to be enabled with the STAT=YES parameter in the SEGCC from the DBD. 
To my surprise, all DBDs for this customer run with STAT=NO, so I am wondering why just the production DBDs send the message. Is there anywhere else I should be looking to enable the messages ? 


Compress for IMS 5.2.5 with and without all current maintenance.



In Compress for IMS 5.2.5 these WTO messages are generated when a data base is closed. They are 
informational messages that can be shut off by specifying STAT=NO in the 
SEGCC macro in the DBD. 
In 5.2.5 with all current maintenance in IMSHRINK.SOURCE(IMSHRINK) they cannot be shut off. 


Additional Information:

The extra processing is the writing to system output, and computing/acquiring the values displayed in those messages. 
So there is some additional processing compared to STAT=NO, not sure how much. 
(Note: Since the default is YES, I assume it is not too significant. It can be turned off mainly for the reason the messages were annoying to some users.) 
To change the STAT parameter, it is enough to change DBD source and re-gen DBD/ACB. No FDT gen or other changes are required.
No unload/reload of the database is required as the STAT parameter is in the DBD/ACB module, not in the database data. You just need to then ensure that the re-genned DBD/ACB is picked up by the IMS system.