How to enable "Errors Per Interval" for custom Frontends?

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Last Modified Date : 14/05/2018
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I am using successfully FrontendMarker tracer to create new Frontends metrics however the "Errors Per Interval" metric is always reporting zero.
Here is an example of the FrontendMarker line in my custom pbd:
TraceOneMethodWithParametersIfFlagged: MyTraceGroup run FrontendMarker "Apps|{classname}|Prosa"
How can I enable "Errors Per Interval" metric reporting for my custom Frontends?
From docops APM documentation:
"When FrontendMarker is used alone, it generates the Errors Per Interval metric that always reports a value of 0 (zero). To generate non-zero Errors Per Interval metric values, also apply ExceptionErrorReporter to associated methods or classes."
In the above example, to enable the "Errors Per Interval" metric you need to add the below 2nd line:
TraceOneMethodWithParametersIfFlagged: MyTraceGroup run FrontendMarker "Apps|{classname}|Prosa"
TraceOneMethodWithParametersIfFlagged: MyTraceGroup run ExceptionErrorReporter "Frontends|Apps|{classname}|Prosa:Errores"
NOTE: The expected syntax is "TraceOneMethodWithParametersIfFlagged: <Tracer-group> <method> <Tracer-name> <Resource-Metric>".

Here is the result of this change in the Metric Browser:
User-added image
Also, errors description are gather as expected:
User-added image