How to eliminate duplicate APM CE transaction definitions.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  You are not seeing any statistics or defects for a specific transaction definition. How can you know if this is due to a duplicate or overlapping transaction definition? (Such as a matching Path of /travel.)

Any working APM with CE environments for all releases.

Use this approach, provided you are getting other defects/statistics.

  1. Run the Save to CSV under Business Services on APM CE GUI to see the last time the transaction definition was hit.

  2. Ideally, create and maintain a spreadsheet that has all parameter/value pairs that are part of each transaction definition. This makes it easy to see an overlap.

  3. Run the transaction multiple times and see which defect is being created during that timeframe. (The defect threshold may have to be lowered.)

  4. Check the TIM Logs and enable the trace options to show defects, business transactions and transaction components.

  5. Run TIM Transaction Inspection:

    TIM System Setup>
    View TIM Transaction

Filter by Client IP address. This will show the transaction definition being matched and should eliminate any duplicate and overlapping transaction definitions.

Additional Information:

    Alternatively, you can look in the TIM logs to see which transaction definition was matched provided that proper TIM Trace options are enabled. (See TEC1948966 for details --  -- Rationale for selecting TIM Trace Options.)