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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Quova Inc., an industry leading provider of geolocation information, provides CA Risk Authentication geolocation and anonymizer data.  Quova provides the following types of data to CA Risk Authentication:
• Geolocation data. This data classifies each IP by latitude, longitude, continent, country, and city. By default, the data is used in the Negative Country Check rule and in calculating the distance for the Zone Hopping Check rule. You can also use this data for any rules that you create by using the Rule Builder. The Country and City elements are both useful for checks on the point of access.
• Connection information. Each IP is classified by routing type, connection type, and line speed. This information, especially routing type, is useful in assessing the validity of the geolocation information. For example, if the connection type is Satellite, then the user’s location is not reliable. In practice, you can ignore this information for geolocation purposes. However, fixed connection types such as cable, DSL, and OCX are less likely to be origins of fraud because their locations are more easily backtracked to Internet accounts. You can use this data to evaluate fraud.

Note: Updates to the Quova Data Files will be available on the 4th of every month or subsequent business day.

CA Risk Authentication (also known as Arcot Riskfort or CA RiskMinder) - any version

Perform the following steps to download the Quova Data files for CA Risk Authentication.
1. Logon to
2. Click on "Download Management" icon.
3. In the search box inside Download Management page, enter "CA Advanced Authentication - Risk Authentication".
4. Click on "ADVANCED AUTHENTICATION" search option
5. Click on "Solution Downloads"
6. In the solutions results page, click on latest version of "CA Risk Authentication For Business Users MULTI-PLATFORM".

download management page




7. In the results page, click on "QUOVA DATA FILES"

Quovadata  search page





8. Download below files from the Quovadata download page

quovadata dowanlod page