How to display time fields in Detector when they are loaded to Detector tables?.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Time fields in Detector panels, for example INDB2_TIME and INDB2_CPU, are displayed with format  MM:SS.ssssss or HH:MM:SS.sss or DD-HH:MM.SS, when these fields are loaded to Detector tables they are converted to DECIMAL(15,6) column.
How the DECIMAL(15,6) column can be converted to display data in same format as in Detector panels?.


First part of the DECIMAL (9 digits) are seconds and second part (6 digits) are microseconds. 

For example you have a value 416.216310 for INDB2_TIME column in Detector tables. 

416.216310 Seconds --> 06:56.216310 displayed in Detector panel (MM:SS.ssssss format)
416 / 60 = 6.9333 --> 6 Minutes
416 - 360 = 56 --> 56 Seconds