How to Display the Value that is Set for the PREKEY ROSGBL Parameter for CA Roscoe?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The PREKEY parameter value cannot be displayed on the command line and is not in the output of the Roscoe Started Task. Here is how to determine the setting.


PREKEY Identifies the starting location of the user's prefix or sign on key within the job name. If omitted, the default is (1,0,3).

To specify the location and to designate whether the prefix or key is to be used in the job name, specify:



jobstart One-digit value indicating the starting position
keystart One-digit value indicating the starting position of the characters in the user's sign on key that are to be found in the job name. If 0, the prefix-not the key-is used.
len One-digit value indicating the length of the prefix or key.


  • The value for PREKEY may be found in the source for the ROSGBL parameter.
  • To find it while CA ROSCOE is running do one of the following:
  1. When there are no jobs in the queue, issue a display.

    This will produce a DIS03 error, for example:
    DIS03 JOB ABC***** NOT FOUND or *ABC***** or **ABC****

  2. The other option is to issue a PEEK command, for example:

    ? PEEK('ROSGBL+8C' '6,HEX')

    00000000 0002

    Here is the interpretation of 00000000 0002 response:
    0000 - the offset to the prekey (jobstart - which is 1 because numbering starts at 0)
    0000 - the offset to the key (keystart)
    0002 - the length of the key (len - which is three because numbering starts at 0)

    This is the default.

Additional Information:

For additional information, please refer to the CA Roscoe System Reference Guide, Page 11-5.