How to display the online panels and banners stored in the CA View database?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document will provide the step by step procedure to display the online panels or the banners stored in the CA View database.


Sometimes it is important to view one of the banners or online panels that are stored in the CA View database. The "Display" or "DI" command can be entered on the command line of the Primary Selection panel. See attached document for details and the below screens.

Type DISPLAY then press "Enter".

Figure 1

The next panel that comes up has 2 option on it; B for banners and O for online panels.

Figure 2

Select O and press Enter.

Figure 3

A list of the member names will be displayed.

Next locate the member that you want to view and select that member.

The contents of the member will be displayed.

Figure 4

If you do not know the member name that corresponds to the panel that you want to view, Issue the "HELP PANEL" command on any online panel to get the member name that contains that panel. The panel name and program name appear in the upper right hand corner of the

panel. The format is Panel id/Program name. Press PF1 to get this message:


If you want to view the member from the input dataset, browse the CVDEPENU library. Once in the library, locate the member and select it to view the contents of that member.