How to discover device via command line (CLI) in SPECTRUM (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31808 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You can create model by IP via CLI to discover device.
On a bash -login shell, after changing directory to $SPECROOT/vnmsh and run 'connect' then please run

 ./create model ip=<ip_address> comm=<community_string>

The device will be created in lost and found.
If you want to put it to a container, e.g. Universe, you need to find for the container?s model handle and create association using the command below:

 ./create association rel=Collects lmh=<Container?s model handle> rmh=<newly discovered model?s model handle>

Here is an example:

In a shell window:

> cd $SPECROOT/vnmsh
> ./connect
> ./create model ip= comm=public
created model handle =   0x1009d1
> ./show models - grep Universe
0x100006    Universe          0x10091     Universe
> ./create association rel=Collects lmh=0x100006 rmh=0x1009d1
create association: successful

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