How to disable word wrap in Alarms tab Events column in CA Spectrum OneClick

Document ID : KB000056722
Last Modified Date : 10/12/2018
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When displaying the Event column in the Alarm tab of CA Spectrum OneClick, sometimes the event has several lines of data which causes the column to take up most of the view.  This tech doc will show you how to disable the word wrap in the Alarms tab Event column in Spectrum OneClick. 



The word wrap for the Events column in the Alarms tab of Spectrum OneClick can be removed by doing the following one the OneClick system as the user that owns the OneClick installation:

  1. Copy the $SPECROOT/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/alarm/config/alarm-table-config.xml and column-alarmevent-config.xml files to the $SPECROOT/custom/alarm/config directory
  2. Copy the $SPECROOT/custom/alarm/config/column-alarmevent-config.xml file to column-alarmevent-nowarp-config.xml
  3. Edit the $SPECROOT/custom/alarm/config/column-alarmevent-config.xml file. Change "<name></name>" to read "<name>Event Wrap</name>".
  4. Edit the $SPECROOT/custom/alarm/config/column-alarmevent-nowarp-config.xml file. Change "<name></name>" to read "<name>Event No-Wrap</name>". Comment out the "<renderer-class>" tag so it looks like the following:



      <param name="html">true</param>




5. Edit the $SPECROOT/custom/alarm/config/alarm-table-config.xml file. Add the following highlighted <column> tag above the column tag for the for the out of the box column-alarmevent-config:


<column idref="column-alarmevent-nowarp-config">





<column idref="column-alarmevent-config">





6. Log out and then log back into OneClick.


You will now have available two Event column choices. One for a wrapped Event column and one for a no wrapped Event column. Both are hidden by default.


The following is an example of how the two different Event columns display the same event information: