How to disable the Search Server daemon

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Cumulative Patch #3 for Service Desk Manager 14.1 introduces a customized version of Elastic Search. Even if you choose not to configure the search server the daemon will still be running on the Service Desk servers.


How can I disable the Search Server Daemon, PDM_ES_SEARCH_NXD, so that it does not continue to write log entries to the esEvent.log files?

Service Desk Manager 14.1.03

If you are not using the Search Server introduced in SDM 14.1.03 you may follow the below steps to disable the daemon from running on all Service Desk servers: 

1. Navigate to the $NX_ROOT/pdmconf directory and access the pdm_startup file

2. Locate the below entry:


; Elastic Search - Event Based Loading Daemon

PDM_ES_SEARCH_NXD(pdm_es_search_nxd, $NX_LOCAL_HOST, "es_index_proc")


after domsrvr connects + 5 


3. Comment this out so it now appears as the below:


; Elastic Search - Event Based Loading Daemon

;PDM_ES_SEARCH_NXD(pdm_es_search_nxd, $NX_LOCAL_HOST, "es_index_proc")


;after domsrvr connects + 5 


4. Find the three additional references to "pdm_es_search_nxd" in this file and comment them out as well by changing:






5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the below files:






6. Once all files have been modified and saved, run pdm_configure


The pdm_es_search_nxd daemon will not be started anymore and the esEvents.log can be deleted. 

Additional Information:

For information on how to configure the Search Server please navigate here.