How to disable discovery of all VM?s when using vmware probe?

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Last Modified Date : 15/10/2018
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Is there an option to disable the discovery of the VM’s when using vmware probe if I wish to monitor only the vCentre, ESX and Datastores and not the VM's? 


The ‘show_vms' raw configure key will control whether the vmware probe publishes guests to discovery_server. 

Add the key to the 'setup' section with 'no' value.

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After setting the key, if you create a profile in vmware configuration page in AC you will not see VM’s discovered in the configuration.

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If you still see the VM in USM, you may need to delete the VM by using the discovery_server probe utility.

First, you need to query the cm_computer_system table to get the cs_key value of VM


select cs_key from cm_computer_system where name = <vm_name>;


And, on your primary hub server you need to perform the following steps.

1.    Select the discovery_server probe press Ctrl-P from your keyboard

2.    On the probe command set select 'remove_master_devices_by_cskeys'

3.    On the bottom of the PU GUI you will see the csKeys input box, on this input box place each affected robot's 'cskey' separated by comma's example 26a1,25b6,257c

4.    Press the green play button on the PU and it will execute the command.

5.    Restart the wasp and the discovery_server afterwards and log back into UMP and the VM should be removed from the USM view.