How to determine which DCI fields can be used in an nhListElements where clause

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The nhListElements command can be used to generate a filtered list of elements using a "where" clause.

To see the fields available, use the "-showDciFields" flag:


     (Optional) Displays the DCI attribute field names that you can use as parameters in the -where argument. Use this argument to determine the valid parameter names.

Example from eHealth

]$ nhListElements -showDciFields
name                    dbId                    nmsId
poll                    sysContact              sysDescription
sysName                 sysLocation             ifDescription
speedIn                 speedOut                mibTranslationFile
ipAddr                  storeInDb               ifType
uniqueDevId             index1                  index2
index3                  index4                  possibleLatencySources
latencySource           latencyPartner          nmsSource
pollRate                alias                   isNameUserSupplied
discoverMtf             nmsName                 nmsState
dataSourceCapabilities  protocolCfgSymbol       deviceSpeedIn
deviceSpeedOut          enterpriseId            processName
aggregateAvailability   argsRequired            processArgs
timeZone                monitorLiveEx           ifPhysAddress
ifIpAddress             appType                 appKey
responseLimit           caption                 incInLwRpts
userString              machineId               clientAccess
hostName                pollTimeout             pollRetries
deviceHashKey           virtualId               remotelyPolled
readOnlyCommunity       readWriteCommunity      importModuleName
importNmsHost           pollingRegion           discoverPolicy
ifName                  ifAlias                 ifIndex
frCircuitIfIndex        frCircuitDlci           atmVplVpi
atmVclVpi               atmVclVci               taGroupId
taProtocolId            taTosId                 taDirection

Example usage:

nhListElements -where "name matches neRouter*"