How to determine what VISION:Report options are in use?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The program source lists by default, but not the options.

The site customizing parameters are set in the QJOPTION macro for z/OS, or the phase QUIKJOB1 for VSE.

The parameter LISTOPT determines whether the options are displayed with the program listing.
This is set to NO by default, but is easily overridden at runtime by adding OPTION LISTOPT=YES to the program.

Following is a simple z/OS job to display the options, followed by the resulting SYSPRINT output.
The program would be the same for VSE and the output would be similar.

//LIST  EXEC PGM=QUIKJOB//STEPLIB  DD DSN=your.loadlib,DISP=SHR//*//SYSIN    DD *OPTION LISTOPT=YESMOVE SPACES TO PRT1-132MOVE C'JOB TO DISPLAY ACTIVE OPTIONS' TO PRT1PRINTGOTO EOJEND/*//SYSOUT   DD SYSOUT=*//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*//SYSUT1   DD DUMMY//SORTLIB  DD DSN=SYS1.SORTLIB,DISP=SHR//SORTWK01 DD UNIT=DISK,SPACE=(TRK,(5,5))//SORTWK02 DD UNIT=DISK,SPACE=(TRK,(5,5))//SORTWK03 DD UNIT=DISK,SPACE=(TRK,(5,5)) 1JOBNAME=HANME02Q        VISION:REPORT   V16L1     USER CONTROL STATEMENTS     08/27/2009    12:14          OPSYS=MVS-ESA STEPNAME=LIST                             ERROR DIAGNOSTICS APPLY TO PRECEDING CARD                       CPU MODEL=2097 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                (1)   OPTION LISTOPT=YES  --------------------------------------------------------- OPTIONS IN EFFECT -------------------------------------------------------- BWZ=NO                INFDD=SYSUT1          LIST=YES              OFQDD=SYSOFQ          SAVAREA=256           SUBSPIE=YES CFLEOPT=NO            INGDD=SYSING          LISTABL=NO            OFRDD=SYSOFR          SEQCHK=NO             TRACECT=10 CLRVIP=NO             INHDD=SYSINH          LISTOPT=YES           OFSDD=SYSOFS          SORTABL=YES           TRLNAME=QUIKTRNT CLRVOP=NO             INIDD=SYSINI          MOVCVTX=NO            OFTDD=SYSOFT          SORTWRK=1             UABNDMP=NO CRSIGN=NO             INJDD=SYSINJ          MSGROLL=YES           OFUDD=SYSOFU          SPIE=YES              UEXIT1=NO DELUPGM=YES           INKDD=SYSINK          OFADD=SYSUT2          OFVDD=SYSOFV          SQLA1=0               U331DMP=YES DETDD=SYSDET          INLDD=SYSINL          OFBDD=SYSUT3          OFWDD=SYSOFW          SQLA2=0               U333ABE=NO EDIT=NO               INMDD=SYSINM          OFCDD=SYSUT4          OFXDD=SYSOFX          SQLA3=0               U334DMP=NO EDITALL=NO            INNDD=SYSINN          OFDDD=SYSUT5          OFYDD=SYSOFY          SQLA4=0               U335DMP=YES EDTNAME=QUIKEMSK      INODD=SYSINO          OFEDD=SYSOFE          OFZDD=SYSOFZ          SQLA5=0               U336DMP=YES EUROPTN=NO            INPDD=SYSINP          OFFDD=SYSOFF          OVLY=NO               SQLPLNM=********      U338DMP=NO EXPMLOG=NO            INQDD=SYSINQ          OFGDD=SYSOFG          PARMFLD=YES           SQLSYSN=****          U339DMP=NO EXPMLST=YES           INRDD=SYSINR          OFHDD=SYSOFH          PFLEOPT=NO            SQLVER=XXXXXXXXXX     VLABEND=YES HDRDOTS=YES           INSDD=SYSINS          OFIDD=SYSOFI          PRNTLCT=54            SRTADJ=YES            WSTSIZE=1000 IFNUM=NO              INTDD=SYSINT          OFJDD=SYSOFJ          PRTDD=SYSPRINT        SRTERCD=0             VSAMER=NO INADD=SYSINA          INUDD=SYSINU          OFKDD=SYSOFK          PRTSIZE=133           SRTMSG=??             ZEROPRT=NO INBDD=SYSINB          INVDD=SYSINV          OFLDD=SYSOFL          PUNDD=SYSPUNCH        SRTPGM=SORT INCDD=SYSINC          INWDD=SYSINW          OFMDD=SYSOFM          PUNSIZE=81            SRTSIZE=0 INDD=SYSIN            INXDD=SYSINX          OFNDD=SYSOFN          QJMDUMP=YES           SRTWKN=NO INDDD=SYSIND          INYDD=SYSINY          OFODD=SYSOFO          RPTDD=SYSPRINT        STMTEND=71 INEDD=SYSINE          INZDD=SYSINZ          OFPDD=SYSOFP          RPTSPCE=0             STMTLCT=50 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                (2)   MOVE SPACES TO PRT1-132               (3)   MOVE C'JOB TO DISPLAY ACTIVE OPTIONS' TO PRT1               (4)   PRINT               (5)   GOTO EOJ               (6)   END1 JOB TO DISPLAY ACTIVE OPTIONS100000038 RECORDS FOR PRT FILE