How to determine the QCODEs in SC00OPTS.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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To determine what value you have set for the QCODE in SC00OPTS,  in each CICS region,  issue the command DBUT M=SC00OPTS +8  OR in CA Ideal,

enter @I$SCF PGM=SC00OPTS OFF=8 

In the following example, the QCODE is set to B.  

000C1BD8  +0008 C2404040 40404040 00000000 00C10418 *B       .....A..* 000C1BD8



Per CA IPC Implementation Guide: How to Modify the SCF Static Options

QCODE: A single byte that ensures that enqueue names are unique across systems. Code a single character without quotes or use the format C'x'.

Note: Before you change this value, make sure all affected CICS systems and batch jobs are not running. If they are running, the library can become corrupted.