How to determine PEC [Platinum Enterprise Communicator] version for various versions and patch levels of CA SCM

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Last Modified Date : 18/10/2018
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All versions of CA SCM and patch level components like client, agent, server use the same version of PEC. It is important to have same version of PEC in these components before and after upgrade/ new patch application.


We can check the following in Harvest components like client, server, and agent:

In UNIX           $RTHOME/standard/version.txt           for example shows -> Release 4.7.0
In Windows     %RTHOME%\standard\version.txt       for example in R12.0 shows -> Release 4.7.0b6

NOTE:In UNIX/LINUX if RTHOME is not defined then check any script like hco, agntd in HARVETHOME[in r7.1] or CA_SCM_HOME [in r12.0] and look for an entry that sources For example see below:

. /opt/CE/pec/bin/        [the path can be user defined]

Once you source this, it will show $RTHOME

CA SCM r 7.1 GA/p1/p2/hotfix all have pec version 4.6.1
CA SCM r 7.1 sp1/sp2 all have pec version 4.6.2
CA SCM r 12.0 has 4.7.0b6 [for windows] /4.7.0 [for UNIX/LINUX]

Note that the version of PEC (Enterprise Communicator) that is supported for use with CA SCM is the version that is provided with the CA SCM installation software files.

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