How to determine if your billing statements are being sent through the webgtw probe.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document shows the troubleshooting steps that needs to be performed for verifying if the billing reports are being sent successfully to CA.  For more accurate information on these billing reports, please engage your Account Rep.  He/she will be able to direct you to the appropriate resources to gather the information required.  

Please reference the following hyperlink, which shows the probes that need to be installed for the automated billing reports to be generated:


Set Up Automated Usage Metering and Billing

UIM 8.x

The following are the troubleshooting steps needed to be performed to verify that the billing reports are being generated and sent to CA.

  • Open the webgtw probe in Admin Console.
  • Click on Contact Information and verify that you have filled out the information and accepted the terms of use agreement

webgtw Proxy.png

  • Click on Proxy Configuration. Select Actions on the top left and Run Ping Test to verify that the ping is successful.  If the ping is not successful, please consult the Additional Information section for troubleshooting open ports and addresses.

webgtw Ping_test.png

  • Verify that the Proxy Configuration is set up correctly.  You can also Test Proxy Settings as noted in the image above.
  • Check the webgtw logs to verify that the reports are being shown as being sent.  You should see a snippet of the logs as shown below:

DEBUG [attach_ socket, org.apache.http.imp.execchain.MalnC11entExec] Opening connection {s}-->https:/

DEBUG [attach_ socket, org.apache.http.impl.conn.HttpC1ientConnectionOperator) Connecting to 

DEBUG [attach_ socket, org.apache.http.impl.conn.HttpC1ientConnectionOperator) Connection established<->

DEBUG [attach_ socket, org.apache.http.imp.execchain.MainC1ientExec] Proxy auth state: UNCHALLENGED

DEBUG [attach_socket, org.apache.http.imp.execchain.MainC1ientExec] Executing request POST /uim/billing-reports HTTP/1.1

DEBUG [attach_ socket, org.apache.http.imp.headers] http outgoing-e >> POST /uim/billing-reports HTTP/1.1




Additional Information:

***Note:  If the logs show the following connection errors, then the correct ports are most likely not open to communicate with CA servers:

Connect to [,,,] failed: Connection timed out: connect

  1. The web address needs to be open on port 443 to send information to CA servers.  The logs should also include the ip addresses that need to be open as well as shown in the above log snippet.
  2. The proxy settings may need to be initialized, so that the reports are being sent correctly to CA servers.

As a workaround, you can send billing reports to the following email address until the issue is resolved with the ports not being open or the proxy not communicating correctly.