How to determine if an element is assigned a 32-bit or 64-bit mtf

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I determine if an element will use a 32 bit or 64 it mtf file?



As part of the Discover process, the eHealth Finder assigns a MIB translation file (.mtf) based on RFC2863. High-capacity 64-bit counters are to be used only when standard 32-bit counters do not provide enough capacity; that is, when the 32 bit counters might wrap even when fast polling is in place.

For example, with interfaces that operate at 20,000,000 (20 million) bits per second or less, 32-bit byte and packet counters MUST be supported.

With interfaces that operate at 650,000,000 bits/second or faster, 64-bit packet counters AND 64-bit octet counters MUST be supported. The assignment of the 32 or 64-bit mtf is based on the speed of the interface.

The assigned agent type (high capacity or no) can be verified in the Poller Configuration UI by selecting each element in question.