How to deploy Adobe Reader using ITCM.

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Last Modified Date : 03/12/2018
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This document outlines the steps necessary for creating a software package within ITCM for deploying Adobe Reader.
Client Automation (ITCM) -- any version.
1- Obtain a copy of the Adobe Reader OFFLINE installer for IT DISTRIBUTION:

The download should be a file similar to:
User-added image

2- For the proper command lines to install silent/unattended, Adobe posts an Administration Guide here:

In the most basic silent installation, the following command line will be used:

In a more advanced implementation, the AcroRdrDC1900820081_en_US.exe can be run manually to extract the setup.exe and MSI files, for additional customizations as outlined in the Adobe Administration Guide.  For the purposes of this KB article, we will be following the basic silent installation using the EXE.

3- Create a new software package in ITCM:

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4- Name the software package.  Be sure to provide a proper version number, as likely there will be many updated Adobe Reader packages in the future...

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5- Create a new volume for the source file, e.g. "v1" will do just fine...

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6- Copy/Paste the Adobe Offline installer into the volume.

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7- Copy the Adobe Offline installer from the volume, on to "Procedures", which will create a new install procedure for us.

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8- Right-click on the new procedure and open up it's properties:

a) Set a procedure name, such as "Silent Install" and recommend to set it as the default procedure:
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b) Add the parameters for proper silent installation:
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c) Optionally add the software delivery background execution macro, in order to suppress the software delivery job check dialog:
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Note: This will add $#BG to the parameter list.

9- Seal and deploy the software package.  Always be sure to use a test machine first, in order to validate the results and desired outcome!


Additional Information:
If you would like to also add an uninstall procedure, refer to the script posted here:

Note the script above will look to uninstall various/legacy version of Adobe Reader.  A more straightforward approach would be to add only the msiexec command containing the GUID relative to only the version installed by your package.