How to deploy a 7.93 robot on a new Windows system

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Last Modified Date : 03/10/2018
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Planning to do some bulk robot deployments and the Windows Administrator would rather install 7.93 out the gate rather than install 7.80 and then update all of the new robots to 7.93
How to deploy a 7.93 robot to a new Windows systems in UIM 8.51 environment where the default robot version is 7.80?
UIM 8.51
1.  Download the 7.93 robot_exe package from the web archive into the local archive on your primary hub
2.  Deploy the 7.93 robot_exe package to your primary hub.  This will update the following 2 binaries in the <installPath>\Nimsoft\install\setup directory:


3.  Use any of the following methods to deploy the 7.93 robot to new Windows systems:

Deploy Robots in Bulk with a Third-Party Tool and Native Installers
Bulk Robot Deployment with an XML File
Deploy Robots in USM

Additional Information:
There are no archive packages available which will allow you to install a 7.93 robot from a web browser as outlined in the following robot installation Wiki page:

Install a Windows Robot

You can only deploy the 7.80 robot using this installation method and then you would have to upgrade to the 7.93 robot by deploying the 7.93 robot_update package to the Windows system.