How to delete router and its interfaces through mysql commands

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Sometimes after deleting a router from the NFA admin page, there would be few issues in nfa re-adding this router/interface in NFA. There could be some leftovers in the mysql database. It may be required to manually delete those entries.

Windows Harvester 9.3.3 and Earlier.Note: Due to changes in the MYSQL Database structure, do not run these commands on any later versions of NFA.

How to remove a router and its interfaces manually from the mysql database on the NFA Harvester:


Note: Manipulating databases manually may lead to un-reversible loss of data if something goes wrong. Kindly contact CA Support if you not sure when/how you have to perform these steps. Ensure you have valid backup before running these commands.


1.   Make sure you have deleted the routers and its interfaces from NFA admin page though “Enable Interface” and  “Physical and Virtual” Interfaces tab.

2.   Login to Harvester machine ( Take RDP).

3.   Open a command prompt and run the follow commands:

mysql –P3308 poller

select * from routers where address like '';  

4.   Notedown the id of the router from the above output. Replace with the desired IP address of the problematic router. Here we have taken 11 as router id (id) as example.

5.   Continue with the below commands:

delete from routers where id=11; 
delete from interfaces_snmp where routerid=11; 
delete from persistent_map where routerid=11; 
delete from routers_snmp where routerid=11; 

use harvester; 
delete from interfaces where router=inet_aton(''); 
delete from routers where router=inet_aton('');

6.   Restart CA NFA Harvester and CA NFA Reaper services