How to delete a device

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Last Modified Date : 04/09/2018
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How do you remove a device from inventory if it does not exist in monitored devices?
Any CAPM environment
If the environment has other data sources you must identify what data source that
is contributing the device and delete it from that data source, or data sources
  • Connect to mysql netqosportal database
  • Run the following command:¬†select a.SourceID,a.LocalID,a.ItemID,v6_ntoa(a.address),a.ItemName, b.consolename from dst_device a, data_sources2 b where a.sourceid=b.sourceid and itemname='<item name>';
    • The above query will tell you the data sources contributing the device
  • From there, delete the device(s) from the data sources and allow sync to happen.¬†
The above steps will clean up the devices in question from the inventory