How to define what agent jobs return codes are good or bad

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How do I define what return codes for agent jobs are success or failure (good or bad)?


When you define agent jobs, there is not COND CODE / RO field on the AGJOB definition screen. You must code the EXITCODE keyword in the clang statement that reside in the PARMLIB. The EXITCODE allow you to define what return codes you would like to be success or failure.  


The scenario below defines 0 thru 9999 as success with the exception of RC=5, also any return code over 10000 is a failure



EXITCODE 10000-18446744073709551615 FAILURE

Useful notes: 

- Use the EXITCODE statement to indicate an exit code other than 0 or a range of codes as job success.

- You can specify multiple exit codes using multiple EXITCODE statements. There is no limit to the number of EXITCODE statements that you can use.

- If you specify multiple exit codes, enter the most specific codes first followed by the ranges. 

Additional Information:


Please see the IAS Users Guide for more details regarding defining agent jobs and the use of the EXITCODE statements.


As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA 7 if you have further questions.