How to define and update the CA 11 Reason for Rerun Table

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The UPRS function allows the Reason for Rerun table that resides on the CMT  
to be maintained online.  This table is used to allow 4 character codes to be
used for common rerun reasons when a job is rerun or setup for rerun.        
This command only updates the CMT copy of the table.  The table is loaded    
into common storage when DBAS is initialized and can be reloaded by issuing  
the REFRESH operator command.                                                

The Rerun Table also can be populated via the AL7REAT member that executes the U11OBD program. 
Any additions to the table requires a unique code name.  Once the code and reason is defined, the
Refresh command can be entered or the online UPRS function can be used to maintain the updated entry.
See sample jcl below:

//RUN EXEC PGM=U11OBD                                   
//SYSUDUMP DD SYSOUT=*                                  
//RMSRPT   DD SYSOUT=*                                  
//SYSIN    DD *                                         
UPRS A,BAD1,1 - BAD INPUT FILE                          
UPRS A,JCL1,2 - BAD JCL OVERRIDE                        
UPRS A,OUT1,3 - THIS IS MY OUTPUT FILE                  
UPRS A,HARD,4 - HARDWARE ERROR                          
UPRS A,ERR1,5 - JCL ERROR                               

Additional information regarding the maintenance and updating of the table can be located in the CA WA Restart User Guide in the section entitled  UPRS - Reason-for-Rerun Table Update.