How to define a PSM printer exit to print activity log or data from Command Entry in Netmaster and Solve product?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Some datas displayed through a panel can be printed using PSM(Print Services Management).




The Printer definition list can be accessed from /PSMPRTR.

Some default printers are defined from the product installation as following:

Name         Type   Description                                    FileID

$PSEMAIL   EXIT   Print to an email address                MODSDIS

$PSPCS      EXIT   Print to PCS (CA Support)               MODSDIS


A printer with exit type different from the default one is needed to send a text or a piece of logs to a sequential dataset or PDS which can be predefined or created at the time of the print.


The exit printer can be defined as follow:

* From the Printer definition list, press PF04 to add a new printer with the following definition

-------------------------- PSM : Printer Definition --------------------------- 
Command ===>                                                     Function=ADD 

  Printer Name ... Name_of_Printer 
  Type ........... EXIT (JES, VTAM, ALIAS, EXIT) 
  Description .... Unique PDS - USERID DSN MEMBER uses date time 
  Lower Case? .... YES (Yes or No) 
  Line Limit ..... 0 (0 to 999999) 
  Form Name .....+ $PSEMAIL 
ALIAS Printer 
  Real Name .....+ (Real printer name) 
JES Printer 
  Destination .... (destid.userid) 
  Output Class ... (A to Z, 0 to 9) 
VTAM Printer 
  LU Name ........ 
  Logmode ........ 
  Exit Name ...... $PSDS81Z 
  Exit Data ...... DSN=hlq.&USERID..PSM.&NMID..&MON.&DD.&YY.(T&HHMMSS.) 
                       DISP=MOD LRECL=250 SKIP0=DISCARD CYL=2,5,10 BLKSZ=32750 RECFM=FB


In the above definition, each time a print is submitted a new PDS member is added to the library.

·       A list of a PDS member can be printed using a PSM exit printer through PF04(Print) if the command is submitted under Command Entry(type cmd on Command or Option Line).


·       A piece of activity log can be printed using a PSM exit printer through PRINT command as follow:

P n lines | P m minutes | P screen | P start/end   (see PF1)


When the print is requested, the following panel is displayed:

 -------------------------- PSM : Confirm Printer -----------------------------

 Command ===>


 Printer Name ..+ xxxxxxxx

 Copies ......... 1    (Range 1 to 255)

 Hold? .......... YES  (YES or NO)

 Keep? .......... NO  (YES or NO)



 The print queue can be called through PQ command from Command line.


Additional Information:


For more information on Print Services, please refer to


·   CA Solve:Operations Automation Administration Guide Release 11.9 - Chapter 27: Implementing Print Services

·   CA SOLVE:Access Session Management Administration Guide R5 - Chapter 20: Implementing Print Services

·   CA Netmaster Network Management for TCP/IP – 12.2 - Implementing Print Services

·   CA Netmaster Network Management for TCP/IP – 12.1 Administrating - Implementing Print Services